TeamUp Now

Referrals have never been so easy.

Employee referrals remain the number one source for quality hires. If your company doesn’t have a referral program in place, you’re missing out on your best source of applicants and your greatest potential for employee retention.

TeamUp Now is your premier program for employee referrals.

An affordable, branded website designed with an easy-to-use referral process, TeamUp Now lets employees refer friends and colleagues in minutes to create a team of top performers for your organization.

Put the power of recruiting in the hands of your employees with:

And for you and your recruiters:

How It Works

  1. Employees log in to a personalized dashboard where they can edit their profile and start referring friends right away.
  2. After entering a friend’s information the first time, the information is securely stored and prefilled for all subsequent job referrals. Refer as many friends to as many jobs as you want.
  3. Simply choose a referral, select a region and a job class to see all available jobs, and click the refer button for each job you want. That friend is emailed those jobs and can then accept or decline each offer.

It’s that easy.

The employee receives an email notification based on the referral’s decision.

And your recruiters never have to get involved until the referral submits an application.

TeamUp Now automates the entire process.

Special Features

Mobile Ready

Employee accounts are accessible from every device – desktop, tablet and phone – making it easy to refer friends from anywhere.

Profile and Referral management

Employees can edit their personal profile information as well as remove friends who are no longer viable candidates with a click of a button.

Referral Management

Monitor the referral status for each friend, continue the process on incomplete referral submissions, or withdraw referrals completely before they are submitted or accepted.

RightJobNow and ATS Integrated

TeamUp Now is the perfect companion to RightJobNow Search and Apply. That means it is also easily integrated with your ATS. The system automatically tracks referrals as referred applicants.

Promotion Package

Advertise your new TeamUp Now referral program to employees with branded emails, print-ready posters, table tents and direct mail. It’s a complete marketing and promotional campaign ready to go.

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