RightJobNow Apply

Some say it’s the future. We say it’s right now. Search and apply from any device.

RightJobNow Apply eliminates all barriers by making the process simple and easy, from any device — phone, table or desktop — so you don’t lose those quality applicants.

We don’t replace your ATS; we simplify the process of applying using your existing application.

A Total Apply Experience

Finishing an application shouldn’t be difficult. It should facilitate the process of joining your company.

That’s what RightJobNow Apply does.

We extract your application directly from your ATS and arrange it into a beautifully branded experience, by providing easy-to-complete sections that automatically save as they are completed.

No part of your application is truncated so all the information that you need to collect is collected.

Sections can be reviewed and edited and are marked by clearly defined semaphores to let applicants know which sections have not been completed.

A Cross-Device Experience

Part of the expectation of applying for a job is being able to do it from anywhere, from any device.

RightJobNow Apply brings that experience to the applicant.

Because sections are saved as the applicant progresses through the application, the applicant can exit the application at any point and return later from another device without losing the information previously provided.

More Time to Apply to More Jobs

Profile information and applicant data entered into the applicant account is stored and prefilled on all subsequent applications.

This includes returning applicants who previously used your ATS to apply.

Personal Information, education and work history, and documents are ready to go with each application. This information is secure and never shared.

Synchronized to Your ATS

It doesn’t matter whether someone is applying to your company for the first time or has applied previously through your ATS, RightJobNow Apply syncs applicant accounts to your ATS to work with the same logins and passwords.

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