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Three clicks and a job awaits you. Fast and elegant.

Searching for your jobs is the first real brush a potential candidate has with your company. But too often your ATS provides a less than ideal experience, whether it's confusion on how to find your jobs or the process doesn't work on mobile.

RightJobNow Search is a branded job search that works on any device – desktop, phone or tablet.

Integrating seamlessly with your ATS, we not only make your jobs easier to find, we get the candidate to your jobs within three clicks.

RightJobNow Search is what candidates expect from a job search:

Seamless Integration

While many companies buy into mobile search, seldom do they consider how it integrates with their existing career platform. While Search may work on the phone, the path to get there doesn't.

And if a candidate can't find your jobs, they can't apply.

With RightJobNow Search, every entry point is optimized to deliver a clear path to your jobs, no matter what device is used.

Three Ways to Search

RightJobNow Search gets job seekers in front of your jobs as fast as possible by offering three ways to search.

Developed from more than a decade of experience in building recruiting tools, these three options are how a candidate prefers to search.

Region and Job Class

Find the job you want, in the exact place you want to work. This power search is optimized to list only job classes with open requisitions in a region chosen by the candidate. Plus the number of jobs available is readily displayed beside each job class.

Map Search

Map search cuts to the chase by showing candidates exactly where your jobs are. Perfect for a large organization with regional-wide locations. Pick a job class and find out where those jobs are available in a mapped display.

Keyword Search

Your classic job search approach, keyword search lets you find jobs by term, title or skill and also by location. In addition, there is a job code search for recruiters and those in-the-know candidates to easily find jobs by their requisition number.

Simplified Refinement Filters

Sort results by organization or business line, work type, scheduling, or any custom parameters your company requires to let job seekers match jobs to their interests with precision and ease.

Load times are fast making results instantaneous.

Results That Scroll

Candidates don't want to sift through page after page of results to find the right job. They want to see everything you have to offer at a glance.

RightJobNow Search displays results on one page so that the jobs candidates are looking for can be quickly viewed by simply scrolling.

Robust Location Branding

It doesn't matter whether you are a small company or large enterprise, company culture matters.

RightJobNow Search provides insight into your organization in every job description with detailed information that includes a map link, contact information, links to your main site and to your social networks, and what your company is all about.

Make your job search extraordinary for candidates.

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