There’s a lot of talk these days about the use of games as classroom learning tools. There’s even a word being tossed about in education circles to indicate the introduction of traditional game-like elements into what are traditionally non-game contexts: it’s called gamification.

This trend of gamification comes as exciting and inspiring news to many educators.

But not to kindergarten teachers.

That’s because adults who work with young learners have always known how to harness the learning power of playing games. In fact, game playing is one of the three basic ways early childhood teachers approach the introduction and reinforcement of skills and knowledge: create a project (hands-on learning! authentic assessment!), sing a song (arts in education!), or play a game.

Here at We Come to Learn — the education arm of MerryFools — we take the same kinds of games that pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade teachers have played in their classrooms for years and turn them into attractive, interactive, purpose-filled learning games for modern hand-held digital devices. They are games that children will both enjoy encountering for the first time and love coming back to.

Furthermore, each of our learning games includes easy-to-understand performance data for each player so that teachers and parents know exactly what content a child has mastered and what he or she still needs to practice.

From word-based games like Letter Muncher (initial consonants), Three Things (vocabulary development and conceptual organization), and Kindergarten Sight Words, to math games like Dominoes Number Match (early concept of number) and Math Speedway (addition and subtraction speed drills), We Come to Learn games are both rigorous and engaging.

All games are available in the iTunes App Store. Check us out today!