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timethis! the perfect app for time management
February 15, 2013

Experience A Cross-Platform Time Tracking Tool For Your Projects

Time is money. But what's money-er than money? TimeThis.

TimeThis is an Adobe AIR desktop time-tracker for Mac and Windows supporting NINE project management and invoicing applications that lets you track and post time to your project management site from your desktop.

It's the perfect supplement to your project management software and the #1 time-tracking app for Basecamp Classic and activeCollab users.

track time from your desktop

What does it do?

  • Tracks accurate time to your project management site from your desktop.
  • Supports Task creation and management from within the app.
  • Creates a frequently used Tasks list for quick daily setup.
  • Provides PM site management through an integrated browser.
  • If you start time in the wrong Task, you can switch without the timer resetting.
  • Includes a comments section for notes.
  • Provides adjustable start date for back-dating time.
  • Offers a host of preferences in the settings area.
  • Supports 9 different project management platforms:

Just create an account at your preferred platform and enter the required information into the TimeThis server settings.

You can start a 15-day trial right now to see all the great things TimeThis can do, and then purchase a license when you realize how awesome it is.

What does a purchased license get you? First, it lets you continue to use TimeThis to post time to your preferred project management site. Second, it covers two major version upgrades.

What's a major version upgrade? Well, it's not an incremental update that fixes some bugs; rather, a major upgrade is likely to be released if and when one of the Project Management sites change their APIs to allow for greater functionality, at which point we'd have to update TimeThis to extend its capabilities, too.

And don't forget about volume licensing, which gives you a price break if you need licenses for everyone on your team. At increments of 5, 10, 30 and 50, the price per license goes down.

We're excited to be able to offer TimeThis to you and your team, as we have been using it ourselves for so long. And we hope that you continue to enjoy using it as your desktop time-tracking tool of choice.

Happy timing!

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