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February 13, 2014

A Talent Community That's More Than Email Collection

There's very little to do with community in that phrase, Talent Community. Yet somehow the phrase caught on with recruiters and the HR crowd and now is ubiquitous with candidate sourcing.

A talent community sounds like it should provide some sort of engagement and interaction.

com·mu·ni·ty [ kuh-myoo-ni-tee ] noun. A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

How does collecting an email address and spamming individuals with job notifications that do not interest them impart a sense of community?

At MerryFools, we believe a more appropriate yet synonymous word that doesn't mislead individuals is network. To be more precise, a career network.

A career network is something that connects individuals to your company and gives them the tools they need to engage as they see fit. Something that will interest both passive and active candidates by letting them create a personalized network of opportunity for themselves. Job choices that truly fit their interests and engagement that forms a deeper association with your company.

That's the RightJobNow Career Network.

offer a real talent community

The thing is, we have more than a decade of experience in building recruiting tools and platforms that engage candidates and give them what they expect from a career search.

Part of that is having a set of tools at their disposal that gives them the chance to really hone in on their interests and find the best opportunity to fit in with your organization.

The RightJobNow Career Network offers candidates a robust suite of tools and personalization features that let individuals:

  • Create and manage personal accounts
  • Access the account from any device
  • Search and apply for your jobs
  • Save job searches and individual jobs listings
  • Tailor email notifications to multiple interests
  • Set email notification scheduling
  • Subscribe to RSS feed notifications
  • Share job listings by email or social networks

Plus, our Career Network integrates with your corporate branding for a seamless experience off your career site, an experience that surpasses standard email address collection, while providing critical data about potential candidates to your recruiters to help them make important business decisions in the hiring process.

personalized accounts with secure settings

And that right there is a good place to start.

Capture Critical Candidate Data

The thing about passive candidates is your ATS doesn't capture important data that recruiters can use to engage them. An email address does little to identify an individual's talent or preferences.

Providing interaction through the tools in the Career Network captures that important data that put candidate potential into perspective for recruiters.

Provide Real Engagement

The RightJobNow Career Network is accessible on both desktop and mobile. So candidates can interact from any device, from wherever they are. That's an important step to reinforcing your organization as an employer of choice today – being mobile.

Account creation is a secure process and any information provided is secure and never shared.

secure profile management

Individuals can provide as much or as little information as they are comfortable with, including name, address, location, zip code, and multiple phone numbers. They can even edit usernames, passwords, and email addresses. And while every piece of data entered is securely stored, it still provides important information to recruiters.

The interactive features of a Career Network account include:

Saved Job Searches
An important part of the job search is being able to consume as many opportunities as the individual candidate can. But there isn't always time to go through every listing.

That's why we created a way to save job searches. So candidates can find the listings that interest them and save them to go through later at their convenience.

save as many lists as you need to

Job searches can be saved according to specific job classes or by specific region, or location if your company has a region-wide presence.

Saved Individual Jobs
Candidates can get as granular as they want in their job search, so it should follow that they can save individual jobs that interest them.

We've included a way to put individual jobs into a list of favorites that candidates can save and go through just as they can with saved job searches.

save individual jobs from favorite locations

RSS Job Notifications
An unobtrusive way to be informed of job opportunities is through RSS feeds.

Each saved job list can be turned into an RSS feed that delivers updates when new opportunities arrive.

Shared Jobs
Sometimes candidates find opportunities that aren't right for them but are right for a friend or another colleague.

share jobs with friends

The Career Network provides the option of sharing jobs with others either by email or via social media.

Email Notifications
And of course, the Career Network provides traditional email alerts, but with a twist.

Candidates can choose as many opportunities as they want to receive notifications about, selecting from job classes, locations, regions, individual facilities, and work type.

There is also a delivery schedule option so a candidate can choose how often notifications arrive.

set up alerts for as many opportunities as you like

Settings with multiple job classes and locations are delivered in individual notifications so things aren't cluttered and difficult to decipher.

This allows both passive and active candidates to receive the information they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

Engagement on a Whole New Level

The RightJobNow Career Network interacts seamlessly with your corporate site as well as incorporates well with our other projects, RightJobNow Search and RightJobNow Apply.

If you are looking for real candidate engagement on the front end that provides the back end of operations with real recruiting data, consider implementing all of these wonderful tools in your recruiting campaign.