A few weeks ago, I expressed my love to my phone by taking it for a 1 hour swim with me. While we had a dashing good time, sadly it killed her.

To assuage my grief, i bought myself an unlocked Nexus 4. While it lacks an SD Card slot, a replaceable battery and the camera is complete butt (i've been spoiled by the Lumia 920. FANTASTIC camera), it has a feature many phones lack : NO CARRIER

Do not underestimate this feature.

My phone is free of carrier-laden crapware and more importantly, within a week (a WEEK!) of Google's Android 4.3 announcement, my phone had the update. My previous carrier phone even had a press release about getting the 4.x updates, but after over a year to a year and a half mine never did. What type of crap is that?

In short: I hope to see less carrier middle-man action, but that will rely on consumer awareness, which sadly here in the States is sorely lacking.