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Math Speedway by We Come To Learn
January 18, 2013

Zip On Down To Math Speedway With WCTL

math speedway by wecometolearn.com

We Come To Learn has just added a new game to its lineup of educational apps for children.

Math Speedway!

As with all games at We Come To Learn, Math Speedway is based on a classic classroom game, this one designed to help build on mastery skills of basic math for early learners.

Designed for the iPad, the game challenges your child to find six hidden math equations under a timed response.

Your child is presented with a six-by-six grid of randomly generated numbers. Within each grid are six basic math operations. Based on your player settings, you search for all addition equations or all subtraction equations. The equations are made to be easily detectable, running horizontally and vertically, left-to-right and top-to-bottom only. Your child simply swipes the series of numbers that identify an equation.

The objective is to identify all six equations before time expires.

If the timer runs out, you're sent to the pit stop. Beat the timer and you move to the winner's circle. There are even trophies to be won for best times and number of rounds completed.

Programmed randomization of numbers means no two games will be alike.

Player options enable you to set the challenge level of your child, including which operation to run (addition or subtraction), the maximum sum (9, 12 or 20) of each equation, and the time limit (1, 2 or 5 minutes) to outperform.

Additional settings include an audible signal that can be turned on to alert you of incorrect answers, whether or not to display the game timer and whether to allow hints or not.

The game accommodates up to six players and has an in-game reporting system that tracks your progress as you play.

As always, We Come To Learn makes learning fun and easy. You can find Math Speedway in the App Store today. Check it out! We think you'll like what you learn!

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