With the release of version 2.0 last fall, TimeThis has been a huge success. We went bigger and better and made TimeThis even money-er for all users, current and new.

TimeThis is already number one in time tracking among Basecamp and activeCollab users. It's what we use for our own time tracking needs and we believe it has the potential to make great strides in future project management applications.

So, to kick off a new year and a new beginning, we've accommodated six new platforms to the TimeThis experience.

Now you can work with a total of nine project management and invoicing platforms through the TimeThis app:

Create an account at your preferred platform's site and enter the required information into the settings of TimeThis.

Once that's done you'll easily be able to:

  • Track time from the desktop.

  • Manage and create Tasks through TimeThis.

  • Maintain a frequently used Tasks list.

  • and Manage your PM site directly from TimeThis with the integrated browser.

The update to v.2.1.0 is free for all existing licensees. New users can download a 15-day free trial here.

And in efforts to continue making TimeThis the #1 desktop time-tracking tool, we are working hard to add even more platforms!

So, if there's a project management app that you would like to see included in TimeThis, let us know and we'll see if it's possible to integrate it.

Thanks again for your continued support in making TimeThis the most popular desktop time-tracking application for Mac and Windows.