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TimeThis: The best time-tracking app for Basecamp and activeCollab!
September 13, 2012

TimeThis 2.0 Is Money-er-er

What started out as a tool created for our own time management has become the most popular desktop time-tracking tool for Basecamp and activeCollab users since its public release two years and some odd months ago.

Now there's TimeThis 2.0.

It's a bigger and better version of TimeThis that incorporates functionality for activeCollab's 3.0 system upgrade while continuing to work with the activeCollab 2 and Basecamp Classic platforms.

Why a new build?

Well, since activeCollab 3 has a completely different system for handling timed events than the previous version, we had to implement huge programming changes in the app to accommodate the differences. Passing along the best time-management experience to users required an entirely new version of TimeThis.

Get the buzz about the new changes here.

The upgrade is free for existing licensees who are moving up from activeCollab 2 to the activeCollab 3 platform. Being that it's a new version, the installation requires you to uninstall the previous version so that it can create a new instance on your desktop.

If you're not moving up to activeCollab 3 and just want to stick with activeCollab 2, you don't have to do anything. Your current instance of TimeThis will continue working.

For all newcomers, if you're looking for a superior time-tracking app for your projects in activeCollab 2, activeCollab 3 and/or Basecamp Classic, TimeThis 2.0 is the real deal. Plus we are going to add other popular project management apps over the coming year that will make TimeThis even better.

Check it out, mang!

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