If Google's latest dynamic duo of algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin, have drop kicked your website to the back of the search results leaving you wallowing in a forlorn pit of low-ranking despair, fret no more. The path to enlightenment has been laid before you in no uncertain terms:

Quality content.

That's right, quality content. It's been the longest running debate since the inception of the blogosphere – Is Content King?

Well, our search engine overlord, Google, has finally laid down the algorithmic law to that quandary.

With bold emphasis.

Not only is content King, dear Midas, but quality content is the Golden Goose.

Look at what happened with both Panda and Penguin. Panda came out in early 2011 and leveled content farm owners like Demand Media with an apocalyptic karate chop to their keyword-focused content. Panda was meant to punish thin content, scraper sites and ad saturated websites with little to no substance, but in the process took out about 25% of ALL top ranking sites in the SERPs. Merciless Panda paws delivered traffic crushing chain punches for well over a year before tiring out. Then delivered a few more, just as a reminder. Gaze upon this infographic for a summary event.

Not a month later, from the flipper of a vicious Penguin to the stomachs of low-quality, over-SEO'd sites with spun content and cloaked links, Google unleashed another roundhouse blow to the spammed-out SERPs. And from the looks of it, it ain't over.

The rampage continues in these one-two blows and where it stops only Google knows.

So what's a gal to do during these trying updates?

Well, the one true answer to avoiding the death knell of a failed URL is simple: Invest your time producing quality content. Content that serves a purpose. Content that delivers to its audience. Content that has meaning. Collar popping content that grabs a reader by the short hairs . . . in a loving way, of course . . . and gives that reader purpose, that makes them want to come back to your site and share it with others.

Content without meaning is spam. And spam make Google smash!

If you have been affected by these seemingly cuddly black and white icons of death, go back and purge your site of thin content, merge similar content or rewrite it into something thought provoking.

For those who insist on trying to game the system, beware. The Google Zoo is uncaged and hungry. And if you're producing weak or thin content that serves no purpose but profit, you will be the prey.

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