I keep hearing that we are in the Post-PC Era. I'm not a huge fan of these types of descriptions. Don't tell me what we are not in, tell me what you think we are in. Telling me we are in the Post-Stone-Age Era is certainly true, but not terribly helpful at describing our current state.

I like to think that we are entering into the Somewhat Customizable Appliance Era.

I know, that's pretty clunky-sounding. How about the Curated Experience Era? The Nanny Era? The Hand-Holding Leased Era? Accommodate My Laziness Era? Compensate for My Stupidity Era? These are getting worse aren't they? (to be clear - by worse, i mean the sound and connotation, not the accuracy)

I suppose i should back up just a little. the acronym "PC" has been used for so long that it has become a sort of word itself. It's important to take a look at this word when people say we are in the Post-PC Era. PC stands for Personal Computer. Computers of the past were certainly not very personal when it came to form factor. I think it's easy for us to all agree that today's portable devices like phones and tablets and laptops are much more portable and more likely to be with us at any given time. So i'd say it's safe to assume that "Personal" in PC is not a reference to form factor. In fact, as things like wearable computers- a la Google Glasses - are made, you can rest assured that no one will call that a PC.

So what does the "Personal" in "PC" mean? I'd argue that it means control. That you are the lord and master of your system. With great power comes great responsibility however. You are expected to know what you are doing to some degree. As computing has spread out of labs and away from the traditional venues, the percentage of people who have the aptitude or care for such responsibility has dropped dramatically.

This bring us back to the original question - what era are we in? I proposed the "Somewhat Customizable Appliance Era" because as i have (frustratingly) found this new era of devices prevents you from having full control - from truly having a Personal Computer. It's an appliance - it works within a predefined range. I find this sad, as your imagination is irrelevant in this predefined range, but perfectly understandable.