Welcome to the new Merryfools website. The cobbler's kids finally got some shoes in between other projects. Aside from a format refresh, part of our focus here has been working to make the site work better across a broader range of devices.

Before i get too far down the path, let me say that i am somewhat breaking my own rules by even using the word "mobile". It's a word that i find to be too ambiguous when we as a team are discussing technical details. It can mean phones, tablets, or even laptops - though in our conversations it usually means phones and tablets which is still too ambiguous for concrete technical discussion, or even UX discussion. But for the sake of this article, the word "mobile" is appropriate since i do mean all of those things.

There was some amount of thought put toward reworking the existing site and retro-fitting it for smaller screens and less powerful (than desktops) browsers and devices, but bolting this sort of thing on adds a lot of pain to an already complex issue. There is certainly a great deal of flexibility afforded to bolt-on these sort of changes - CSS Media Queries, well-formed and planned HTML, user-agent detection (as distasteful as that is historically), server-side user-agent detection and redirection, separate subdomains, etc. - but nothing was really acceptable and was at least as much work as a clean approach without the benefits.

I will admit something up front : This new site was really started out with desktops and tablets in mind, but not phone-sized devices, so you may discover that not all pages as of this writing are phone-ready. But have no fear, i designed the underlying architecture to be flexible enough to handle the prospect. As i discovered on a recent trip to Disney where i primarily used my phone... the internet is a horrible place for phone users and i did not want to help perpetuate that.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this site on anything you may visit it with and you may see many little adjustments here and there as we exercise the new site.