At the time of this writing we are redesigning this site, and we are trying to keep tablets in mind.

Tablets seem to be a special case - they use trimmed down mobile-specific Operating Systems, but they have larger screens, more powerful processing capabilities than phones, and surprisingly capable browsers. They are more like notebooks than they are like phones when it comes to my expectations of a web-surfing experience.

Because of the desktop-browsing expectations we have out of tablets, we've decided not to make an app-site or to make a crippled mobile site. I see no reason why tablets won't catch up and play with the big boys sooner rather than later, so a "real" site it is.

When it comes to designing and developing a site, unfortunately we can't just make the assessment that tablets are like desktops, put our heads down and begin designing and programming on our desktops assuming that everything will just work fine on the tablet. While we have made the determination that the site will not be completely sacrificed to the limitations of the tablet, we're not going to ignore them either.

The main considerations we've found boil down to size - and not just screen size and resolution. While screen resolution for me is painfully small and accommodating a maximum safe width of 1024 in the year 2012 is painful and somewhat comical, the real issue has been font-sizes for readability and physical interface sizes due to the relatively large and imprecise nature of our fingers versus a mouse cursor. So this combination of increasing hit targets and font sizes, but working with even less real-estate can be quite an issue!

As for what this all means in the final outcome - I'm sure it will be an evolution. More to come.