I recently visited three large carrier sites – two of which I currently have some sort of account with – and they were all rather crappy-feeling sites. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but they have the feeling you get from a large site when a string of contract workers are brought in year after year to apply a fix here, add a feature there with little sense of a real designer or architect in sight.

Not only are they visually clunky and stitched together, they seem to work that way too. I recently visited one carrier I do some business with and I was logged in to the site. After clicking on a link to see some features, I was asked to enter my zip code. Really? You have this information, please use it. This is just one gripe in a sea of slow loading times, piss-poor validation errors, bad navigation and presentation, feature asterisks with no corresponding legend, and other things which make you understand the “Death by a thousand cuts” saying.

Anyone else had this experience?