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Rocket Roostin'
October 17, 2011

Presenting Our Free Browser Based Game – Rocket Rooster

a free browser game by Merry Fools

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was wearing rocket-powered roller skates!

blueprintThat's about what it boils down to for Rocket Rooster anyway. No longer happy with ruling the roost, our brave bird has hatched a plan to fly the coop and strut his stuff to freedom. Your objective in this free browser-based game is to help the hard-boiled rooster escape, collecting stars and performing mid-air stunts along the way. With your blueprint of the barnyard to guide you, you have to blast the rooster through each 200 meter stage to your sunset destination out across the road.

It’s an exciting, challenging game without being impossible. In fact, I soared through the twenty levels of story mode fairly quickly, but it has that kind of addictive quality that keeps you playing without ruffling your feathers. For every level you complete the next one becomes available. And even after you finish the 20 levels you can still go back to collect all of the 19 trophies, which you are awarded for things like touching the moon, ramming the most jets and punching the most bunnies.

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What I really like and what the eight year-old in my house prefers about Rocket Rooster is the arcade mode, which helped us both develop our skills with the controls. It's all about racking up points. Your highest score is recorded and posted at the middle of the top of the screen. The booster jets on your skates are always on so all you have to do is balance your bird. Act like a chicken with its head cut off and smash into anything in your way. Soar through the air taking out airplanes, bouncing off clouds, goosing geese and turning satellites sunny side up.

Developed in flash, Rocket Rooster is the first browser based game by the gang at Merry Fools. It's a visually beautiful game with a retro feel and a cool rockabilly theme song to match. It takes a moment to get the controls down as you rocket into sheep and other farm friendlies, soar over angry dogs and farmers, all while trying to land upright. But that's the real challenge of the game, landing. If you fail to land correctly, it's all dust and tail feathers as your rocket skates explode.

As fun as this game is, I don't know why we haven’t promoted it more. There is an immense amount of potential here and if our developers decide to adapt it to mobile it will become a powerful promotional tool, being that it's free, to encourage play for other games we develop in the future.

So don't chicken out! Play Rocket Rooster and find your rank among the pecking order.

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