Technology. It's almost like you have to hate it before you can love it. Whether it's a new phone or GPS or remote. There's always that initial frustration figuring things out. After a while though we get things figured out and they become just another part of the tools we use daily in our lives. Programming is no different and because I love programming I think there is a larger amount of frustration because I want it to work well right off the bat.

Recently, we here at Merryfools have taken a deep dive into creating apps for mobile devices and game development. Both very cool areas to get some experience and new areas to start out completely frustrated. The excitement level starting a new area of development is huge for me. I have so many ideas it's hard to know where to start, and starting at the beginning is not something I do easily. I always want to jump in the deep end and try to swim to the top. At the same time, it's like the swimming strokes I already know don't work in this pool. At this point there's nothing productive to do but pull myself out and go down to the shallow end and try again.

This always seems like it will take forever but really it doesn't. Soon I realize that the tools are mostly the ones I already use, the language is usually the same as well. It's just the way the two are put together that is different. I learn a new workflow and just continue to build on my experiences. Before I know it I'm back in the deep end!

Programming is a constantly changing pool and to keep up you have to learn new strokes and which pools they work in. Maybe that analogy isn't great but you get what I mean. When things look difficult, there is no shame in doing a Hello World app. It's baby steps, but that's OK. Most times that's all it takes to get going and deflate the frustration that we start out with. Frustration is food to grow on. It’s like someone telling me I can’t do something. That just makes me that much more convinced that I can and I’ll do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. Yeah, I’m a little competitive.

We have some great stuff in the works and I look forward to the challenges ahead and spending some quality time in the shallow end of the pool.