This site was designed to implement the MetaWeblog API. This was done largely to reduce the time to implement a site from scratch and as well as to leverage the effort already put into tools like Windows Live Writer and MarsEdit.

I could certainly go on a tirade about the atrocious Frankenstein stitch-work known collectively as the MetaWeblog API, but i will save that for another post. The benefits for getting a site up and running outweigh the problems of the poorly-written interface. For example – anyone who has ever implemented or programmed their own text-editing CMS-like system for browsers can tell you what a bloated and atrocious nightmare that can be to develop – and then maintain and make changes on. This extends to basic things like formatting text in familiar ways, to linking resources, to more advanced things like file uploads and image manipulation.

This also opens up another avenue – if I ever felt like writing an application to interface with our blogware, then the endpoint is already written and tested!