About MerryFools.

We provide a broad range of design and development services and solutions that result in incredibly engaging digital products for your business and your clients.

For over twelve years now MerryFools has been developing successful web and mobile sites and applications. Each solution is custom made to meet your needs. We strive to execute well-developed strategies and plans that result in incredible products that promote your brand identity as best in the market.

About our process.

Research. Discover. Plan.

We start by researching your product, your competitors, their sites and apps, and then together create a plan so that we're all on the same page. Saves time, money, and headaches down the road. Our penchant for planning doesn't mean we can't be flexible though. Heck, we can go 100 mph and then turn on a dime if we need to. But good planning goes a long way in ensuring positive outcomes for your web and mobile projects.

Design. Develop. Deploy.

Our incredibly experienced content, design, and development teams will create a product that's unique for you, tailored to your business and industry. Everything built in-house, from the ground up. It's all original, and it's the only way we know how to work. Once everything — from the design and functionality right down to the words on your site and application — is approved by you, we push it to testing and then on to deployment. We can even host your new product or site on our secure servers.

Testing and ongoing site management.

We test exhaustively. Nothing is more frustrating than a site or app that doesn't work. We want your product to be ready for a massive increase in traffic without compromising the user experience. So whether it's browser testing, device testing, or testing for user skill level, with a broad demographic of real people beating your new site or app to pieces looking for possible problems, we TEST and TEST AGAIN. Once your product is ready and published for the whole world to see, we can provide ongoing site management, analytics reporting, and content development both expanded for blogs and condensed for social media.

If you just can't wait to fill us in on all the details of your next project, or you have questions, please use our handy little contact form to drop us a line.